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Uncle GroOve ( has been offering fine and collectible electric guitars since 2004. I deal in Nik Huber, Juha Ruokangas, Saul Koll, Soloway electric guitars, and in Harry Haeussel pickups for electric, semihollow and archtop guitars.
The Huber guitars have been part of my catalog from the beginning: the Huber Dolphin 25.5" electric guitar, the Huber Redwood Dolphin model with its redwood (sequoia) top and mahogany or korina body, the Huber Orca - a 25" singlecut in the guise of the beloved Les Paul singlecut models. Latest additions to the offering are the Huber Krautster - a stripped down, 1 pickup, set neck, LP shaped tone monster - and the Twangmeister, a Fullerton, tele style inspired 25.5" bolt-on twang beauty. Where the Krautster excels in the blues-rock (think 70s supergroups, or maybe the Seattle grunge revolution), the Twangmeister brings a full tone palette to the blues / country / americana lovers (you'd think it was handcrafted n Austin TX of all places). All the guitars can be ordered on a custom order basis.
Juha Ruokangas guitars are another fine line of custom, handmade guitars, made in Finland. The VSOP model is the stratocaster for the 21st century - available with different pickup configurations and wood selections (artic birch, cedar, for example). The Mojo is the t-style equivalent, a tone freak that will take you from Keef to Page To Springsteen and beyond. Enter the Duke: a double-cut handcrafted wonder, versatile, stylish. The latest entry from the Ruokangas camp is the Unicorn - a singlect, Les Paul vibe electric guitar. If you want a flame-top tone monster look no further!
Jim Soloway builds one of the most innovative guitars out there: a 27" scale beauty - the Soloway Swan - a gorgeous guitar to play in regular tuning (yes!). The characteristics of the Soloway are superb string-to-string definition, which make it perfect for clean styles, be it jazz, fingerpicking, or open tunings. But the guitar also excels at overdriven tones - this isn't a one-trick pony!
Saul Koll is an artist: his electric, semihollow or archtop guitars are immediately recognizable. He has built some incredible instruments for Grammy award David Torn (the aptly named Koll Tornado), and for fretboard virtuoso Matte Henderson, just to name two. Koll Guitars are the talk of the online forum (The Gear Page).

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